This documentation page assumes that you already have a SeekTable account. You can create free account by signing up.

Microsoft Flow Integration

MS Flow is a cloud-based service for codeless workflows automation by end users. You can use Flow account with free plan as it includes everything that is needed for SeekTable reports automation.

How to use SeekTable connector in flows

  1. Contact us to request an invite: it is needed to access SeekTable connector. Alternatively, we can provide you OpenAPI definition that may be imported as "Custom Connector".
  2. Get API key: your API key is available by going to "Manage Account" → "Get API Key" button in SeekTable app.
  3. When MS Flow asks you to connect to SeekTable use this API key.
  4. Now you can use "Export Report" and "Upload CSV File" actions:
    Schedule report with MS Flow
    Refresh CSV cube with MS Flow